Empowering Disadvantaged Young Women

Summer 2015 Holiday Fund – UK

Our Norouz campaign this year is a drive to raise funds for the upcoming summer holiday programme which will take 80 girls to the seaside. For many of them this will be their first holiday ever. We will be renting a villa for a month, and 80 girls will each spend one week there. The average cost of this holiday £140 per girl which means that we have to raise a total of £11,200. Please participate in this campaign and make it possible for our girls to sense what it feels like to live a normal life. There is no better Norouz present that you could give.

Please use the table below for guidance when donating:

 1 Girl (Co-Sponsor) £70
 1 Girl £140
 2 Girls £280
 3 Girls £420
 10 Girls £1,400
 25 Girls £3,500
 50 Girls £7,000