Empowering Disadvantaged Young Women

RECAP: University of Virginia fundraiser

The Persian Cultural Society at the University of Virginia hosts a Shab-e Yalda event every fall semester to celebrate the winter solstice, a tradition dating back thousands of years in ancient Persia. As the winter solstice is the longest night of the year, the emergence of dawn represents the triumph of lightness over darkness. In this sense, the celebration of the winter solstice presents the perfect opportunity for the Persian Cultural Society at UVA to pair with OMID.Through their efforts, they hope to bring some light to those awaiting the emergence of their dawn.

The event kicked-off by showing an online video clip of OMID and giving a brief introduction of the group’s steadfast commitment to OMID’s cause. Furthermore, all of the executive board members showed their solidarity for OMID by sporting OMID’s purple rubber bracelets throughout the event, as well as to encourage others to support OMID. After the event, the diverse audience of parents, students, professionals and faculty stopped by the fundraising table to contribute to OMID. Many in the audience had expressed interest in becoming more involved with OMID after having been exposed to OMID’s cause. Moving forward, we hope to encourage continued growth and support of OMID in our future events! A special thanks to the PCS executive board members for their hand in the success of this event: Taneen Maghsoudi, Tara Shafiei, Saba Chinian, Taronay Roohafzaii, Naveed Mostaghimi, Arvin Daneshmand, Gelare Ghajar-Rahimi, and Kimia Nikseresht, as well as Parissa Joukar for her photo of the girls’ dance.
University of Virgina

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