Empowering Disadvantaged Young Women

Phase Two yogaHope report

We began our collaboration with Boston based yogaHOPE due to a close alignment of their work and their mission with OMID’s mission and vision; also because this program provides the opportunity to not only deliver a program that addresses the impact of trauma on mind and body, but also leads to a training program that enables young women who participate in the program to then be able to lead it themselves, at OMID and in their communities.

yogaHOPE’s focus is on the implementation of its Trauma Informed Mind Body (TIMBo) program. TIMBo offers a deliverable, research-based curriculum addressing the ways in which mind-body practices allow for long-term resilience through emotional regulation and a reduction of stress, chronic stress and traumatic stress. TIMBo offers individuals the tools needed to address the social, emotional, and physiological root causes of myriad mental health issues, and enables them to heal and to improve emotional regulation for themselves and their children and families.

The second phase of our yogaHOPE program took place at the OMID Center in Tehran between January 25 and February 6, 2017.  Workshops run by facilitators Mitra Mokarami, Shokouh Khalilian and Yekta Zarinkafsh were held every morning from 10am to 4.30pm.

During this period, a total of 5 staff and 4 pupils successfully completed the TIMBo workshops and received the Certificate of Completion and became Facilitators.

Nassim Khakpour a friend of OMID, who will join us to teach a yoga class later in May 2017, also joined this round of the training as an observer. She was quite impressed by the resilience and ability to move forward shown by the participants especially the girls. Here’s what she posted on her Facebook page upon completion of the training:

“12 Days intense TIMBo training at OMID has come to an end… I am so humbled by the courage of these women who were next to me and held my hand though-out my transition. I am forever grateful for the trust bestowed upon me, for sharing their safe, scared space with me.”

Some of the young women taking part in the program were equally moved by their experience in their feedback:

“ TIMBo made me love myself more than before and have more empathy towards myself and others. When I am feeling down, I now give myself space and a chance to get in touch with my inners feelings. Life has become more beautiful now. I am now my True Self, and the dormant child within me is now awakened.”

“yogaHOPE reinforced my awareness in the present. It helped me get to know my “real me” and to feel comfort even at challenging times. I am so eager to pass this skill on to others now .”

” After completing TIMBo, I now am more aware and have been able to boost my self-confidence when confronting challenges. I do not judge myself or others around me as much, and have the skills to take better care of myself. I am utterly grateful to OMID and Ms. Halati for giving me this life changing opportunity, which I am sure will open new doors for me in the future.”

Hence, the TIMBo training is completed and in a near future, the new facilitators will put their newly acquired knowledge in practice and help others at OMID conquer new horizons through yogaHOPE. 
To learn more about the complete yogaHOPE program at OMID please CLICK HERE.


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