Empowering Disadvantaged Young Women

Imagining Identity exhibition is coming to Tehran and London

This exhibition of photographs taken by the girls at the OMID center was part of a visual arts project which explores individuality and the factors which shape their lives. It encourages them to focus on how they think about themselves and how they engage with the world around them.

Imagining Identity is a visual arts photography project conceived, supervised and curated by Sanaz Amidi, which celebrates the participants’ individuality and the factors that shape their lives.

The project was a collaboration of the Omid Foundation in Tehran and the Iranian Youth Development Association in London and the Rosetta Art Centre in London. It was implemented in the format of two photography workshops, one in Tehran with the young women of the Omid Foundation and artist Mehrdad Asgari and one in London with the young members of the Iranian Youth Development Association and artist Omid Salehi.

At the end of the photography workshops, the participants produced multimedia stories which were then published on the JadidOnline website. The multimedia stories focus on how young people think about themselves and how they engage with the world around them, particularly in the teenage years when they develop their self-image through seeing how others interact with them, messages they try to share and their relationships with parents, carers, and peers.

Creatively the project narrates some of the issues and emotions young people face, some of which may be sensitive and unresolved. Many of the key issues addressed stir up important questions and strong feelings. The exhibition emphasizes the uniqueness of the identity of each of these young photographers. It combines their genetic being, cultural diversity, religious and linguistic backgrounds, their interests and abilities. It is affected by where and how they live, the country of origin of their parents and grandparents, and what they do with their lives.

Due to popular demand we have put the photos on sale and they are now available to purchase. So have a look today.

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