Empowering Disadvantaged Young Women

Forget the Tooth Fairy – Meet The Angel from Washington!



Mitra Fard is a Washington DC area dentist, with a history of working with OMID’s Washington DC chapter. She has travelled the world offering free dentistry to marginalized communities.Late last year she put together an amazing plan to tackle the dental needs of OMID’s young women. This is how she did it all so swiftly.

Mitra first introduced us to Dr. Mohammad Parsioon and his team of volunteer dentists who came to OMID with their dental mobile unit, examined every young woman at OMID, and prepared a dental file for each one.

Dr.Pasioon and two of his colleagues did a full check up of all the girls and divided them into three groups A,B and C with group A being the most serious cases and C the least. His first suggestion was to bring a mobile dental surgery truck to the center. Due to parking and height restrictions this was not possible, so plan B was reverted to and the young women were sent to where the unit was. On Tuesday 17th January the first group received treatment there and all  young women were examined by the end of  January.  They will all be starting with their treatment in March.

She then introduced us to Dr. Bagher Shahnizadeh, the Head of the Iranian General Dentists Association, who first invited us to their annual congress in mid-January so that we could introduce ourselves to the Iranian dentist community, and he has now started recruiting dentists, who will be providing free dental care to the young women at OMID.

Narges, one young woman in OMID’s care,  spoke of her treatment by Mitra. “My first session with Dr Fard was reassuring and relatively pain free. Now I can smile again with confidence and eat my meals without any pain.  I can’t believe that my tooth infection has already gone.”


On experiencing her first week at the OMID Center Mitra said:

“It has been a privilege to meet these incredible young women and an honor to have been able to help them. The work that OMID does is incredibly important for these young women. These three weeks will be remembered as some of the most important work I have done as a volunteer and is a reminder that everyone smiles in the same language. ”

Mitras Fard

At the end of her stay, on February 2, 2017, the young women gathered to thank Mitra for her invaluable help and presented her with a painting by one of the young women, as a parting gift, as pictured at the top of this page.

We are at a loss for words on how to thank Mitra for all she has done and is continuing to do. But it does not stop here. There will be some long term orthodontist work and a number of major longer term cases that will not be covered by the current program. If you know of any orthodontists or other medical practitioners in Tehran who might be interested in volunteering with OMID please email us at info@omdfoundation.com.

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