Empowering Disadvantaged Young Women

Alleyn’s School students reach across the divide to support disadvantaged girls in Tehran

Dulwich (London), just outside of London, England is a long way from Tehran, and the life that the students of the Alleyn’s School experience in comparison to the young people being helped by the Omid Foundation, could not be further apart. But, knowing that they were young girls “just like us but without the opportunities” drove students at the Alleyn’s School to raise almost £5,000 for their counterparts in Tehran.

The fundraising was led by Shadi Mireskandari-Brazell and her friend Sophie Andersen-Collis of Brown House at Alleyn’s School. Shadi’s father Razi Mireskandari also supports the Omid Foundation. Shadi and the other Alleyn students were supported by their Housemaster Richard Alldrick.

Shadi said “I found out about Omid through my dad, who is Iranian. He brought home The Glass House (a DVD made of the girls) and watching it really affected me. I was thrilled that the others in my house chose to support the Omid Foundation, as the cause has become very important to me. We broke a record for Brown’s this year in the amount of money we raised and I was grateful for and overwhelmed by the hard work my peers put in. We made a cookbook, put on a concert and baked to raise money for the charity and though it was a bit stressful at times, presenting the cheque and watching the videos of the girls at the Tehran Centre made all that seem totally insignificant, and I know that, for me anyway, this is the beginning of my involvement with the Omid Foundation.”

Mr Alldrick, Housemaster at Brown House said “we are delighted that we can help in a small way, the House were very touched by the stories and lives of the girls at the Omid Foundation and we really wanted to see if we could make a difference through this fantastic charity. We really had great fun raising money from our charity bike ride, music concerts and various other charity events and cake sales. All 93 boys and girls in Brown’s House are so happy to have raised so much and we look forward to working closely with the Omid Foundation and going a small way to helping to rebuild the lives of the young girls affected.”

Dori Dana-Haeri, trustee of the Omid Foundation in London said “although their lives are so different from the girls we work with at our center in Tehran, the students at Alleyn’s School involved in this fundraising showed massive empathy and were determined to send a message of hope to young people less fortunate than them.”

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