Empowering Disadvantaged Young Women

Interview with Marjaneh Halati in French language magazine XXI

Anne Brunswic                       La Porceliane Casse De teheran

In 2015 French journalist Anne Brunswic (pictured above left) interviewed Marjaneh Halati at the OMID center in Tehran and also later the same year in London. This insightful and extensive interview has now been published in French, in the cultural publication XXI.

Anne’s interview sets out the importance of OMID, the challenges encountered in setting up such an organization in Tehran at it’s inception and today. It also offers a glimpse at who Marjaneh Halati is and why she set up the organization in the first place and conveys the value of OMID to the young women in this holistic program – young women who have been “tossed aside like broken china, by society.”

If you want to see the full story entitled Le Porcelaine Casse de Teheran click to Download a PDF of the French Language article. Copyright XXI/ 6 Mois (Rollin Publications).

A French author and writer, Anne Brunswic was born in 1951 in Paris. Over the years she has taught linguistics, French Literature, journalism and documentary cinema. After two published fiction books in 2000 and 2001, she published three travel narratives with Actes Sud (on Palestine in 2004, on Siberia in 2006 and on Carelia in 2009). Anne continues to work as a freelance journalist for magazines, cinema reviews and radio. Anne was shortlisted for the Ulysses Award for Literary Reportage, Berlin 2005. She won the 2005 Literary Award Témoin du monde RFI (Radio France International) for Welcome to Palestine. For more about Anne Brunswic’s work visit her website.