Empowering Disadvantaged Young Women

Organize a Glass House Screening


OMID is featured in a documentary called the ‘Glass House’ filmed by Hamid Rahmanian and produced by Melissa Hibbard. This 92 minute film follows four girls striving to pull themselves out of the margins of Iranian society by enrolling in the OMID program. This is a unique way of seeing how OMID works and finding out more about the girls who need our help.

Here are some of the things people said about the film:

“Rahmanian/Hibbard have done a brilliant job in introducing us to these girls and making them a part of our lives. I see their faces in the crowds on the streets, I find myself wondering if they’re ok and if life is finally smiling upon them, and then I remember all of the other girls, the ones we didn’t meet but still share in the same fates as our protagonists and how OMID has ‘adopted’ and given the support and guidance that is the duty of a parent.”

  • Why not organize your own screening of The Glass House?

    Supporters host screenings of the film across the world to raise awareness of OMID and our work. We find it to be a powerful way of showing people what we do and also telling the stories of the girls. We always need more volunteers though so, why not run your own screening of the film? We have even created a Glass House at Home screening package now too. For more information about how to host a screening, or to arrange to receive a Glass House at Home package then please email info@omidfoundation.com.

    Five easy steps to running your own screening:

    Step 1: Book somewhere to screen the film and set the date. It doesn’t have to be big — a school hall or lecture theatre perhaps? With the Glass House At Home event you just need a television/DVD player and a room in your house!

    Step 2: Invite as many people as you can by email, posters, Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth. There is no minimum or maximum, it is all dependent on the size of the venue. If you are hosting at your home then you might want to limit it to a much smaller number. Even getting 5 or 6 friends to watch the film will help raise awareness.

    Step 3: If you are doing a large screening then let us know when it is and we can publicise it to people in your area who are on our database and put it on our Facebook pages and Twitter.

    Step 4: We will send you some brochures about the OMID’s work that you can distribute to the audience. This will not only give context to the film for your audience but also has a tear off donation page to encourage donations. We can also send you copies of the DVD and some OMID greeting cards and wrist bands to sell at the event.

    Step 5: On the day try to get as many names, addresses and email details as you can from the audience so we can keep them in touch with the work that we do in the future. See our email sign-up form  or you can get people to sign-up online here too.

    Download the official poster here for your screening and fundraising activities as well!