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Organize a Fundraising Event

You can organise an event as an individual or for your local community business, to raise funds and awareness for OMID.

Here’s  different examples of some recent events:

On Friday, March 31, OMID Foundation Canada hosted a Sizdeh Be Dar gathering at the Persian Palace in Toronto. The event was very well supported by the community and had sold out a few days in advance of the actual evening. Many prominent Iranian Canadian business owners and professionals along with their friends and families were present  Read More


Our first ever event in Vancouver took place on November 2, 2016 at the beautiful residence of Nader and Mana Mobargha. We are very much indebted to them for allowing our guests and us into their home. Read more here.


You can read more about these events in our Events/News section of the website too.

Peace Meal Kitchen is a Detroit area low-profit organization dedicated to educating diners in regions that are either misrepresented by the media in the United States or are in political turmoil with the US government. Their hope is to humanize other cultures that are not easily accessible and initiate meaningful discussion regarding these misconceptions.

Founder and owner Mana Heshmati (pictured below) explains why she started Peace Meal Kitchen and how her organization works to combine cuisine with causes.

“Peace Meal Kitchen operates as a pop-up which means we have no permanent home in Detroit. When serving food we operate as a caterer and “take over” local restaurant & bar kitchens. I plan on not limiting the focus to food, but expanding to offer movie nights, live music, and Farsi language workshops at various locations later this year.

As a Persian American, I noticed a large percentage of people can’t differentiate between many of the cultures in the world. I decided to take the steps needed to drive this change. I started off with featuring Iran since that is a culture that I am closely familiar with to build an initial network then shift to featuring other countries.  We raised over $500 for OMID with an overwhelming response to our first Taste of Iran pop-up with a line out the door and around the corner, so future events will all be ticketed ahead of time to help create a better experience for customers.”

Find our more about Peace Meal Kitchen events.

Peace Meal Kitchen, Mana

To help you with your own fundraising activity you can also use the fundraising  resources available to download from our website.