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My name is Layla and I am reaching out to you on behalf of all the young women enrolled in the OMID Program. We were really saddened by the news of the earthquake and were eager to find ways to help. We recently were told that this year’s Winter Appeal would be raising funds for buying us warm clothing in preparation for the cold Tehran winter, and we were all getting excited about getting our new warm clothing and essential footwear. But the Tehran Winter is now pales into insignificance, compared to the forthcoming Winter in the Kermanshah earthquake region. So many of the people who have been affected by the earthquake will need this warm clothing so much more than we will.

We have therefore collectively appealed to OMID’s management, insisting that all the funds raised in the planned Winter Appeal be used instead, for buying warm clothing for young people in the earthquake areas. We have also decided that we ourselves will initiate a campaign also to raise funds for this purpose. With your help we want to raise the funds needed to buy a coat, boots, gloves, and a warm scarf for at least 300 girls in the earthquake region. One set of garments will cost $150 which means that we need to raise a total $45,000 to reach our goal.

Will you please help us to make it possible for 300 girls in Kermanshah to have a warm Winter.

Thank you

The recent earthquake in Kermanshah has left many people without the basics they need to stay warm, be fed and remain sheltered.

Since its inception OMID as an organization and all the young women enrolled in the OMID Program have always mobilized themselves to help whenever a natural disaster has occurred in Iran. As access to effected areas is at first restricted and travel to those areas sometimes risky, OMID always first sends some key staff members with emergency supplies (cookers, heaters, blankets, etc.) to help those who have been effected, boost their morale, and assess what longer term help OMID can provide that will have lasting impact. In view of OMID’s mission focus on young women, the longer-term programs invariably involve helping young women and their families.

Within a week of the earthquake an OMID truck with portable heaters and cookers went to several villages. While there, OMID staff also played with children and gave out toys – helping to take their minds off their traumatic experience. A second truck was sent to the area in the fourth week of November. Here is a video of the recent visits:

In mid-December, Marjaneh will travel to the earthquake area with five members of our outreach program and five members of our therapeutic staff. The therapeutic staff will stay there for as long as needed. They are there to help families who have been traumatized by the earthquake experience come to term with their trauma. They will conduct group therapy programs for families and sometimes whole communities. The therapeutic staff will likely stay for four to six weeks, while everyone else will return to Tehran after five days to plan the next steps.

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