Empowering Disadvantaged Young Women

Our Partners

UC DavisCAARE Diagnostic and Treatment Centre of the UC Davis Children’s Hospital of Sacramento (USA) which has developed innovative techniques for dealing with the effects of long-term trauma. We are developing a program for training our therapists who have to deal with victims of complex trauma and sexual abuse.


Yoga Hope of Boston (USA)yogaHOPE of Boston (USA) has expertise in delivering a research-based curriculum that addresses the ways in which mind-body practices allow for long-term resilience through emotional regulation and a reduction of complex and traumatic stress. Workshops in Tehran take place to learn the mindfulness tools developed by yogaHOPE to increase emotional wellbeing and decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety and traumatic stress (PTSD).


Harvard Graduate School of Education LogoThe OMID internship program was launched with Harvard University in 2012. Our interns engage in conducting research in the fields of trauma, adolescence and education. They also engage in program content development, staff/student assessment projects and capacity building for our education team. Through this program we forge a way to connecting our program with motivated, innovative and passionate individuals who have access to cutting edge evidence based practices. The Harvard School of Education, Distance Internship Program, provides credits to their students for the work they do with OMID.


Catalogue for PhilanthropyOMID was selected for the 12th annual Catalogue for Philanthropy, which has, since 2003, connected caring citizens with worthy community causes and raised more than $24 million for featured nonprofits. The Catalogue selects partner charities on the basis of program impact and fiscal soundness. Click here to see OMID’s listing and click here for a recent article published about OMID’s work by the Catalogue.