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Mehrdokht is OMID’s own magazine, produced by the young women at OMID. Mehrdokht returned in 2016 with a new editorial team and a fresh new look. Details of the latest issue and previous issues are listed below and you can download a persian language version in PDF format too, by clicking the yellow links for each issue. We hope you enjoy these newsletters created by, about and for the young women at OMID.

Issue number 9 – OUT NOW! 


Mehrdokht, is the newsletter created by and for OMID girls in Tehran. issue 9 is out now. Here are the highlights of this issue:

  • Book Introduction: Johnathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach. Article by Zahra Faraj
  • Job Introduction: Becoming an Attorney at Law. A brief description of what the job entails and what matters a lawyer takes care of. Also various specialties of law such as International Trade Law and Family Law, in an article by Habibeh Hosseini
  • Our Career Woman section features Niloofar Rahmani (above), who is the first female fixed-wing Air Force aviator in Afghanistan’s history and the first female pilot in the Afghan military since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.
  • Interview section covers a chat with some of the girls regarding a trip toTehran’s Women’s Park  in the summer. Article by Negin Tajik This trip was a prize won by the pupils who had shown a sense of responsibility and cooperation in the daily chores that girls are responsible for at the Center. The criteria for winning the prize for a girl who had volunteered more than three times last term, to sub for a friend who couldn’t be present during her assigned shift/day. Available Facilities at the park are: bike trails, a cultural center, swimming pools and  lots of picturesque hiking trails.  In the eyes of the interviewee who is one OMID’s  social workers, such events will happen more often than before, as every day more and more girls are showing their spirit of empathy and collaboration.

To download a Persian language PDF version this edition click here.

Issue number 8 – includes the following features and articles:

Mehrdohkt 8

  • Interview with Marjaneh Halati on why and how she founded OMID: interview conducted by Niki Gharegozlou and Zahra Khani.
  •  Continuation of a Love Story: Maryam who is being forced by her father to marry a young man named Masood, is in fact in love with the neighbor’s son Rasool.  A story written by Farideh Gharizadeh.
  •  A successful woman’s story, courtesy of Panjereh Khalaghiat Magazine.
  • Book of the Month: by Farzaneh Ghasemi. Sophie’s World is a 1991 novel by Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder. It follows the events of Sophie Amundsen, a teenage girl living in Norway, and Alberto Knox, a middle-aged philosopher who introduces  her to philosophical thinking and the history of philosophy. The book has been translated to Farsi by Mehrdad Bazyari and available in all bookstores around the country.
  • Afghanistan : this column gives a brief introduction on the country’s geography and culture. The piece is written by OMID’s Zahra Yaghoobi
  • Jobs: This edition’s Jobs column introduces Fashion design, some pointers on usage of computer software in the field, required qualifications as well as job descriptions which a candidate should acquire when applying for a job at the fashion design industry. Piece written by Negin Tajik.
  •  “Positive Thinking”: an article written by Negin Tajik on steps that need to be taken and traits that one needs to own in order to move towards success.

Click here to download a Persian language copy of Issue 8 of Mehrdokht.

Previous Persian language issues of Mehrdokht are also available to download:

Issue number 7 – includes the following features and articles:


  • Lead article about  Fereshtev Hosseini (above), an OMID Graduate, turned actress who won the Best Performance by an Actress award for playing in ‘Parting’ directed by Navid Mahmoudi, a joint production of Iran and Afghanistan, at the closing ceremony of the 16th Marrakech International Film Festival on Saturday, December 10 2016.
  • Successful Women: story of Nassibeh Heidari a 32 year old obstetrician-gynecologist of Afghani heritage. She grew up in Iran when her family immigrated to this country. Being a hard working student in school, she passed the university entrance exam and got accepted to study gynecology in Shahid Beheshti university. Currently she is collaborating with the office of UNHCR helping Afghani women in Iran. 
  • Story of the week: Maryam in love with her boyfriend Rasool has been told by her father that soon the neighbor’s son Masoud will come to ask for her hand.  To be continued…
  • Interview with Nazila Ahmadi, who graduated from OMID last year. Nazila has a great talent in acting and she was one of the performers during the “When….” theater performances last year. This year, Nazila participated in an independent play called Four Coffers by the imminent Iranian playwright Bahram Beizayee. The play consists of four actors each dressed in a single color clothing, representing a specific class of the society…..
  • Mehrdokht editorial group conducted an interview with the newly enrolled pupils asking them about their dreams and objectives. Journalism, professional photography, music and Economics are among the few favorites of the new group……
  •  An interview with Fatemeh and Diba who run the Parvaneha at OMID.
  • An article on dots in photography….

Click here to download a Persian language copy of Issue 7 of Mehrdokht.

Issue number 6 – “Fun Day” special issue


This is a special Edition of Mehrdokht covering the first Fun Day at OMID on November 5th, 2016. This event now takes place once every month, and is where staff and girls at OMID join hands to make a fun day filled with various activities, games and food. For this edition, the Mehrdokht crew gave an account of the activities, interviews with various staff members involved in organizing and running the various activities and games. These included members of the management team, social work, education and external affairs and psychology departments.

Click here to download a Persian language copy of Issue 6 of Mehrdokht.  You can also now click here to download a full report of the second “Fun Day.”


Issue number 5  includes the following features and articles:

  • News in Pictures: Group 16 Graduation Party, September 3rd (pictured below)
  • Poetry by Sahar Yari, titled What happened?
  • A Chat with Group 16 Grads (by Zeinab Mousavi, Samereh Rahimi) : some of the grads were interviewed to give their opinion on what has been their experience at OMID.
  • A chat with some of the staff (By Hanieh Koochaki and Sedighe Rerzayee): In this edition two of the staff who spend long hours at the center were interviewed. Setareh Amoozegar the COMP Supervisor spoke of her experience at OMID in the past 4 years.
  • “The Salesman”, a critical look at Asghar Farhadi’s new movie: (by Nicki Gharagozlou): The Salesman is Farhadi’s last work that has won Cannes Festival’s best screenplay and best male actor.
  • Literary Piece by Hanieh Koochaki: I can see the orbit of serendipity in the blue arms that are caressing me, so beautifully and not leaving me on my own…”


Click here to download a Persian language copy of Issue 5 of Mehrdokht.

Issue number 4 includes:

  • Editor’s pick: OMID is not the Army!: Written by Samereh Rahimi, Sedighe Rezaee
  • News: Memories which don’t repeat anymore!: Written by Zeinab Mousavi, Hanieh Koochaki, Faideh Gharizadeh
  • Cinema review : From sympathy to forgiveness: By Niki Gharagozlou
  • Story of the Week: Flying without wings: Written by Maryam Ghilichi
  • Guess who and win a prize – A fun  photo competition.

Mehrdohkt 4

Click here to download a Persian language copy of Issue 4 of Mehrdokht.


Issue Number 3 includes:

  • OMID should not be a utopia – getting ready for the outside world.
  • Iftar for the little ones – OMID girls and staff raise funds to buy 76 cans of baby food to donate to Torkamani Orphanage. (pictured)
  • Together we are all champions Interviews by established OMID  girls, of girls of two newer groups of OMID girls.
  • Story writing competition winner announced: Best story award was given to Melika Amiri.
  • Move Raging River – A story continued from issue 2.
  • Food and nothing more…! A satirical piece about food and serving lunch to those who were not able to fast during Ramadan.
  • Literary piece : a game of hide-and-seek between virtues and vices and their adventures.
  •  A Tribute to Abbas Kiarostami: Girls and staff pay tribute and a minute of silence for the untimely passing of one of the greatest film makers of the world, who was also one of OMID’s major supporters.

Merhdokht issue 3

Click here to download a Persian language copy of Issue 3 of Mehrdokht.

Issue Number 2 – Persian date Khordad 1395 – featuring eight articles:

  • Getting together to wash the dishes at the OMID kitchen
  • Football OMID style (pictured below)
  • My profession does not make me superior – a report on the visit of Rich Solmaz.
  • Story writing competition – call for submissions
  • Why have English language classes changed?
  •  Two literary pieces called: Move Raging River, The Future and a poem called Cottages Love.

Mehr Dokht Issue 2 Football OMID Way

Click here to download a Persian language copy of Issue 2 of Mehrdokht.

Issue Number 1 includes:

  • Editors preface
  • OMID news
  • Literary piece
  •  Interview with Narges Pouya (pictured below) , an OMID student of Afghan background, about her experiences in the theatre.

nargess pooya mehrdokht issue 1 CROP

Click here to download a Persian language copy of Issue 1 of Mehrdokht.