Empowering Disadvantaged Young Women In Iran

Norouz Young Entrepreneurs Appeal


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OMID Foundation would like to wish you all a HAPPY NOROUZ. We thank everyone who has supported us in 1395 and look forward to 1396 with hope that we can continue to make a difference to the lives of young women in Iran. Norouz is a very special occasion for the girls at OMID. For many of them this is the first time that they celebrate the New Year. For many it is also a year that they will be looking to the future in with hope that they can go on to realize their ambitions after their time at OMID.

Last year we were delighted to put one of the young women at OMID through training to follow her dream of opening her own pastry and coffee shop. Now Mona,  pictured above at work in Tehran,  is just about to open her own coffee shop and bakery.

We now have three more young women, who have each excelled in their time with us at OMID, who are now wanting to go on to train and get the certificates they need to be able to pursue their own creative business projects. Please read their stories below and click the yellow link to go to their funding page and make your donation to any or all of these young women’s vocational training costs today:


Jewelry Girl

“My mother never had much jewelry and I know she will be so proud of me when I open my handmade, bespoke jewelry boutique.”

Sara was 16 when she came to OMID. When she was 14 her father had been killed by a drug-dealer and her mother became very ill soon after, so she gave up school to look after her. Sadly her mother died and Sara was forced to leave their home and live on the streets of Tehran, until she was referred to OMID by a police station worker.
Sara was very quiet and timid when she first came to OMID, but it did not take her long to discover her passion for painting. She started making hand woven friendship bracelets for her new friends at OMID! From there she became really focused on designing jewelry using her own illustrated templates and patterns to create works using metals, threads, beads and textiles, which she applied successfully through an internship, where her instructor, on realizing her creative potential, approached OMID to say that he would be very interested in opening a business with her once she finishes her professional training.

Now Sara wants to open a jewelry business and so needs to take a 1 year jewelry making course at Rayan Gallery and needs some start up materials and tools, costing a total of $2900.  CLICK HERE to donate to Sara’s Appeal.



“Fashion really is my passion. I dream of becoming a successful dressmaker”

Halima and her family moved to Tehran when she was just 8 years old. Shortly after this her father got into trouble with the police and was sent to prison. Her mother tool to working the streets in order to feed her children and as the eldest Halima spent a lot of her childhood bringing up her siblings. When her father was released from prison, he beat her regularly to try and reassert his role with his family.

Halima, was bought to OMID by a friend of her mother’s. She worked hard at her studies, soon catching up on the lost years of her childhood and has demonstrated a natural talent and flare for design. She has been involved in designing and creating many impressive costumes for performances by OMID’s Theater Workshop and dance group.

Now Halima wants to take a dress-making and textile/fashion design certificate course at Maleka College, so she can go on to open her own made-to-measure fashion store. and her aunt who is already a dress-maker, wishes to partner with her to set up in business together after this course. Halima says they will make the perfect partnership as her aunt has “great technical skills but no fashion sense!”
This course costs $1950.  CLICK HERE to donate to Halima’s Appeal.



“My love of making bread in the kitchens at OMID has really inspired me to follow by ambition of opening my own artisan bakery in Tehran.”

Mahsa used to enjoy making bread with her grandmother and mother as a girl. This happy experience was soon to end, when her family home was attacked by arsonists. Tragically her grandmother and mother both perished as a result of this attack.

At just 15 she came to OMID, referred from a drug rehabilitation center. She has done very well with her high school studies and has rediscovered her love of cooking. She also recently won a baking competition and as a result her friend, who has already worked in some bakeries and has experience, now wants Mahsa to open a bakery and become her business-partner. This means Mahsa needs take a 12 month bakery course at Horizon College in Tehran, costing $1500! CLICK HERE to donate to Mahsa’s Appeal.