Empowering Disadvantaged Young Women In Iran


As 1394 draws to a close the OMID family would like to wish you all a HAPPY NOROUZ.

We thank everyone who has supported us in 1394 and look forward 1395 with hope that we can continue to make a difference to the lives of these young women. Norouz is a very special occasion for the girls at OMID. For many of them this is the first time that they celebrate the New Year.

OMID Girls on holiday 2015

OMID Girls on holiday 2015

Last year we were able to send some of our less enabled girls on the holiday of a life-time. We raised funds to send 80 girls on a seaside holiday to remember. This Norouz we would again like to appeal for donations again to raise funds to take 80 more girls to enjoy a summer seaside holiday . For many of them this will be their first holiday ever.

We will be renting a villa for a month, and 80 girls will each spend one week there. The average cost of this holiday is $210 per girl which means that we have to raise a total of $16,800. Please contribute to this campaign and make it possible for our girls to sense what it feels like to live a normal life.

So do something really amazing this Norouz and make it possible for an OMID girl to go on a holiday this summer. Make your family proud by helping our family. Make it possible for an OMID girl to have a holiday. There is no better Norouz present you could give.

1 Girl Co-Sponsor $105
1 Girl $210
3 Girls $630
5 Girls $1,050
10 Girls $2,100

Sponsor a Seaside Holiday for: